You’re excited to start your married adventure side by side with your road-tripping best friend, kindred spirit, and fellow lover of life. You two get each other and want to take life on – together – new chapters, growing old, and everything in between. You met your ONE – that imperfect, but just right, soul that adores your quirks and can’t wait to grow old with you.

Tying the knot isn’t just another milestone celebration. For you, it’s the meaningful springboard that brings you closer to that moment when you’re sitting on a park bench enjoying life’s small wonders, wrinkly hand in wrinkly hand.

Hitched 360 creates custom ceremonies, elopement experiences, destination weddings, and romance adventures that capture your love of life and each other. With your personalized design aesthetic and held in exciting locations, your day will be the beautiful beginning to your great neverending love story.


Modern Officiant, Elopement Visionary, & Destination Travel Advisor

I myself have two great loves in my life, and they are love and travel. The passionate gal that I am, I’ve managed to make a living out of both! A wedding should be a celebration.

I love learning about the unique coming-together story of every adventurous couple and relish exploring the deeper side of romance with every quirky love story. I’ve made it my mission, as a hopeless romantic, to create meaningful elopements, weddings, and travel experiences full of excitement, imagination, fun, and breathtaking style. No generic five-minute ceremonies or travel experiences here!

As the type who gets teary-eyed during Nicholas Sparks movies and swept off my feet with Richard Gere romantic gestures and Love Jones Poetry, I was left wanting to do more.

So, I did what any romantic creative with a panache for design would do. I straightened my lime green sunglasses, pulled my sleeves up, and began creating wedding experiences – both grand and quaint. In doing so, I discovered my love of ceremonies and realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of putting together elopements, destination weddings, and vacations that captured the essence of the couple. A little flair and extravagance can make a special moment truly last forever.

All the moments leading up to the big day are full of nerves, excitement, and overflowing with emotion.

There’s no greater honor, in my book than witnessing your boundless love for each other and there’s nothing more moving than knowing I created an epic day, full of sweet surprises, you’ll want to relive over and over again!

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