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Event cancellation insurance is included. To get started, click the link and get qualified with Maroo. Signup includes a soft credit check (it does not impact your score). Once you are qualified, let us know that you would like to pay for your invoice using Maroo and we will issue you your invoice. From there, you will be able to review the monthly payments and click to pay. Your event cancellation insurance policy (provided by eWed) will also be issued to you!

Hitched 360 offers interest-free financing up to 12 months through Maroo.

Split Up Your
Over Time


Pay with Maroo and
get 0% APR up to 12
months. Cancellation
insurance included!

Book Now, Pay Later FAQS for couples

If we use Maroo, will we end up paying interest at some point?
Nope. All of Maroo payment plans are 0% APR. That never changes.

How do Maroo monthly payment timelines work?
You'll choose to split up your invoice over 3- 6- or 12-months. Once you
decide, Maroo will divide up your invoice into equal monthly payments.
For example, if you have a $6,000 invoice and you are paying it off over
12 months, every month you will owe $500.

Does using Maroo affect my credit score?
Maroo does a soft credit check when you sign up. This does NOT impact
your credit score. Making monthly payments can actually have a positive
effect on your credit score since paying on time over a period of several
months can help you improve your FICO score. That said, just like if you
were to stop paying back a credit card, if you were to stop making your
monthly payments, you could be reported to credit bureaus.

How does the event cancellation insurance work?
We partnered with eWed insurance to offer you event cancellation
insurance. It is a policy that covers your Book Now, Pay Later invoice.
Once you agree to your terms and click to pay for your first month, you
will receive your policy. The policy covers things like extreme weather,
accidents, military deployment and job loss. It does not cover things like
change of heart and you can read the policy on their website at

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